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Zamieszczono dnia 3 Paź 2017 w Praktyki/Praca, Warsztaty/Szkolenia/Konkursy

Aspects of Neuroscience – Hackathon

AoN Brainhack Warsaw – registration for projects is now open!

On the weekend of 17-19th November, the first edition of Aspects of Neuroscience – Hackathon will take place. 

During this two-day event dedicated to students and PhD students, we will work in teams on neuroscience-related projects. The aim of the event is to meet new, enthusiastic researchers, to share the knowledge on data mining and brain research, but also to share the data and promote open science. We provide with a list of proposed open-access datasets, but we also encourage participants to share their own data during the event.

You can choose from 8 diverse projects – from theoretical research, through building games to building your own optogenetic setup! 

Are you interested in participation? Please register now, as the Early Bird registration closes soon!