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Zamieszczono dnia 3 Lis 2016 w Warsztaty/Szkolenia/Konkursy

Wykład z metodyki Agile firmy Sollers (Lecture on Agile methods by Sollers Company).

Wykład z metodyki Agile firmy Sollers (Lecture on Agile methods by Sollers Company).

Otrzymali?my kilka ofert pracy w warszawskim biurze Goldman Sachs. Zapraszamy do zapoznania si? z nimi!

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Operations Warsaw roles

Technology Warsaw roles

Zapraszamy tak?e do zapoznania si? z plakatem opisuj?cym wydarzenia rekrutacyjne organizowane przez firm? Goldman Sachs w Warszawie.
Sollers Consulting is inviting for a lecture: AGILE ENTERPRISE given by world-renowned Agile expert: Ángel Medinilla.

The lecture will take place from 06:00 P.M to 07:30 P.M @ SGH (Lecture Hall VI).

Why is it worth?

Since the beginning of the 21st century, knowledge-based companies are transforming to more Agile ways of working, meaning more collaboration, constant delivery of value, adapting to customer needs and continuously improving everything at the organization: culture, processes, people, teams, products… You will have an opportunity to learn about the core ideas behind Agility and why Agility is crucial to the success, even survival, of companies in the following decades.

Do you want to receive a certificate of attendance?

Please send an e-mail (subject: “Agile Enterprise – lecture”) to with basic personal data:

  • name + surname,
  • field and year of studies (or year of graduation)

Before the lecture, you can meet Sollers team @ Aula Spadochronowa to talk about career opportunities in Sollers Consulting. They will be there just for you – to answer all your questions or doubts and give you some tips!

More details @